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Wicker Furniture Options For Every Room

Wicker indoor and outdoor furniture has become a popular choice among consumers. The most popular furniture pieces designed of natural wood are used to decorate patios and gardens of homeowners all over. Most commonly purchased are the pieces made of natural wood woven together to create an appeasing design. Another form of wicker furniture available is the rattan style. When using natural materials, the process of creating furniture out of natural wood can be a long process. Because of the difficulty and length of the process, natural wicker furniture carries a heft price tag. The natural wood pieces are also more vulnerable to breakage and decay over time.

Wicker furniture also comes in synthetic or man-made materials. These materials include polyethylene, resin and fiber glass. Products constructed of the natural Indoor Wicker Furniture kind are made of woods such as rattan, bamboo and cane and are interweaved together with thin reeds made of wood and a loom. Once the design is completed it is treated to reduce wear and tear that happens over time. For outdoor pieces, manufacturers will also use waterproof and UV coatings to protect the furniture from sun and water damage.

Wicker furniture sets come in many different styles. You can choose a throne style with a high back or barrel design for your outside chairs. Other seats are available such as couches or sofas. Depending on which set you chose, the product may not come included with cushions. The wicker alone can be very uncomfortable to sit on, so it would be a good investment to purchase these cushions separately if necessary.

You my also be able to locate small end tables, or coffee tables made of wicker to top off your wicker furniture set. These tables come in the finished and unfinished design. You can also stain these pieces yourself if you would like a different shade or intensity of the wood. Most wicker pieces are found black and white. For garden styles you can find colors like green and brown. Although wicker is most popular as garden and patio sets, you will also find those who liven up a day room or bedroom with wicker pieces. These can also be used a complete sets in rooms. No matter where you choose to display your wicker furniture, be sure to do your research on the quality of pieces and cost before making an investment. If you do the right research with tools online or in classifieds, you may find the perfect pieces to set off your home.

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