What contact lenses for teenage?

What contact lenses for teenage?

Does your child need to wear glasses, hate them? There is another option – young people can wear contact lenses, as well as adults. Young people to identify strengths and shortcomings of contact lenses is to see if your child can contact solution.

This is better – contact lenses or glasses?

Glasses is more easy, of course: you need to do is to insist they are in your nose. But it is no secret that children and young people hate glasses. Do not wear will help your child feel more attractive and communication to improve his or her self-esteem.

In addition, contact lenses there are some practical red contacts advantages. They provide a clearer vision and a well-coordinated peripheral vision. Contact is also a better play sports and other physical activities.

What is the minimum age for wearing contact lenses?

The majority of children in a doctor’s prescription after the start of 11-year-old contact lenses, so you might be surprised to learn there is no minimum age for wearing contact. Even the baby can wear contact lenses, provided their parents insert and remove the lens. Therefore, age is not a real problem – what is more important is how to be responsible for your child. For example, he or she is willing to follow doctor’s instructions and proper lens care, per day?

Surprisingly, research shows that young people tend to contact for more than adults taking care of. Of course, in the first few weeks you have to supervise your daughter or son, in order to ensure that they are correct in accordance with doctor’s instructions.

Security is a young people’s access?

Contact lenses of young people safe, many parents attention. Do not worry – if the lens worn on the arrangements and proper care, they are absolutely safe. In fact, access to more secure than the glasses – they will not break during the race to reduce your child.

Here is a list of contact lenses safety rules:

Always follow the cleaning and storage of lenses to your doctor’s instructions Scheduled replacement of worn contact lenses, try not to wear them from sunrise to midnight Never sleep wearing contact lenses Wear tight-fitting swimming goggles, contact lenses If the lens feels uncomfortable, in your eyes, take the lens

Lose your eyes behind the lens is an urban legend, this is impossible because the human eye physiology. In the worst case is when half of contact lenses, hidden in the folds of your eyelids. In this case, it is recommended to close your eyes and gently massage from the middle of it to the edge of the eyelid. The final shot will be transferred and can be easily removed.

Whether contact lenses feel comfortable?

Contact lens comfort of modern design. People who wear soft contact lenses of high-quality report, it usually feels like nothing in their eyes. If you believe your eyes tired, a little dry end of the day, then it is time to take contact.

Of course, when you put the lens, leading to some discomfort, so whether to cancel the process. However, this did not affect, and with a little practice, most young people can easily manage insert and remove the lens.

It is very difficult to take care of contact lenses?

Days of contact lenses must be stored, cleaned and protein to eliminate different solutions. Now, contact lens care is quite simple. For most soft lenses, you need is a multi-purpose solutions (cleaning and storage) and contact lens case.

If your daily disposable contact lenses to go there is no one to care for all – as long as the lens out of its sterile packaging and pop it in. If you do not trust your child, his or her proper lens care is the perfect daily solution.

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