Tween Girls: Knowing When It’s Time for a Cell Phone

Tween Girls: Knowing When It’s Time for a Cell Phone

It’s not easy parenting preteen girls these days.

There’s a lot to know in our quest to heel them healthy and safe. There are hidden dangers that we have to be aware of, and trying to keep up with that can be scary.

One area that can intimidate parents and caregivers when their girls get a little older is, when is it time to get her a cell phone? We may love our cell phones, but feel differently about them when it comes to our young girls. We want to keep them innocent and there are so many risks out there in cyberspace! They can’t stay little forever, but we want to introduce them to the world in a safe and protected way.

So when is it time?

The answer depends on you and your daughter. One question to ask might be: When it would it be more convenient for Mom and Dad if she had one? For example, if she’s at sports practice, or an activity in school, and needs to be picked up; or if she walks to the bus stop each morning and can text you when she gets on the bus. Or if she’s coming home from school on the bus and there is a delay and the bus is going to be late. Do you feel like it would be a real call girls in karachi plus for her to call or text you during times like these? This is an indicator.

Another thing to look at is how many kids in her class have cell phones. Not that we always have to “keep up with the Joneses,” but we have to have sensitivity to our daughter’s feelings. If she is truly the only kid in her class who doesn’t have one, it’s probably time. We can talk to other parents or caregivers, whom we trust, and see what they have to say. If we respect their parenting they might be a great source of wisdom.

Cost may be a factor here too. Cell phones can be expensive, and if you can’t afford it, you may not be able to do it. If she’s definitely old enough, perhaps she can earn the money to pay for it. This would also give you an indicator of how much she wants a cell phone. If she’s willing to work to pay for it, she’s probably ready. If you can add it to your family plan and give her only texting and calling (and limit her calls), the cost should be minimal. Data plans are expensive. Do you really want her to have unsupervised internet access anyway? Probably not at this point.

Another good way to test the waters as to how much your daughter really wants a cell phone is to make it a rite of passage. Maybe for a certain birthday or occasion, or after a particular goal has been achieved academically. If she isn’t really passionate about it, she will not want to use the occasion on a cell phone.

Finally, as a parent or caregiver, listen to your gut. You know this child better than anyone. You probably know when she’s ready for things. If you’ve done your due diligence, and all you can to keep her safe, you can make the decision in confidence, and launch your preteen girl into the world of cell phones when you and she feel it’s time.

Enjoy your girls!


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