Top Six Tips in Making Gold in the World of Warcraft

Top Six Tips in Making Gold in the World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is probably the most popular online game today. And playing this game will excite you in many ways. One way this game can make you very enthusiastic is when you have lots of gold for your character. Gold is very important in the World of Warcraft because it enables you to buy more powerful items which could make your character stronger; giving your character more chances of leveling up faster. Now I will share to you the top six tips in making you earn more gold in the world of Warcraft.

1. Grinding Mobs and Killing Monsters. As you start playing the game, try grinding humanoid mobs for this kind of mob has high rates of dropping a handful of gold. There is also a great chance for them to drop expensive items. Same as to killing monsters; they have higher rate in dropping rare items which you could be sold in a huge amount of gold in the auction house.

2. Quests. Complete several quests you will come across to especially if you’re a newbie. Quests are very essential in this game. Go for green and yellow quests for starters. Going on quests will give you double chances of finding rare items which could be very expensive when sold in the auction house. Not to mention, it would also gain you more EXP points which could level up your character faster. Then you can go for red quests when your character is stronger.

3. Arcantile Bar. It will be an advantage on your part when you purchase an Arcantile Bar. It will give you more chances of earning gold considering its usefulness. It is very affordable now that the price is lower.

4. Larger Bag. Get your character a larger bag. This will increase¬† Buy wow gold your carrying capacity giving you more chances of picking up items you will find. When you’re grinding, you will have lesser chances of dropping items inside your bag because of its large capacity.

5. Flying Mount. Most gamers tend to overlook the importance of a flying mount. Well, let me tell you that with a flying mount, you will be able to do your quests for more gold faster and easier. You get to fly rather than travel on foot.

6. Auction House. Know more about the auction house. Familiarize with its features so you will have an idea on how the market goes in the world of Warcraft. It’s better to sell your rare items through the auction house for you to be able to know the certain right amount of an in-demand item you are trying to sell.


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