Sony 3D Camera – Best Features Review

Sony 3D Camera – Best Features Review

The best thing when buying a 3D Sony camera is that you do not have to be a professional photographer to use it, or produce great pictures.

The first feature in this Sony 3D feature review is the 3D panorama capability of the Sony Cyber Shot! This capability made it a 3D camera, without this feature theTX9 would have been a very good 2D digital camera.

Because the camera has only one lens, unlike the Fujifilm 3D W3 Camera which has two lenses, the only way it can produce a 3D image is when it takes short panoramic clips. sony 55x75k

What happens when you press the Sony TX9 button and sweep the camera sideways in a panoramic motion, is that it will record thousands of frames each sees your object in a slightly different angle. The Sony processor takes all those images and combines them together digitally as 3D clips.

The second feature you may probably love in the Sony TX9 is the back LCD screen that is capable to show you all the 3D clips, in bright vivid colors crystal clear. But what will knock all your friends is that they will see them selves in 3D and without the need for special 3D glasses.

This feature promises the person holding the Sony 3D camera to be the center of the party, as everyone will want to gather and see 3D live without any 3D glasses (nor active and nor red and blue glasses).

Those features make the TX9 a fun 3D camera, and puts Sony up front of the 3D technology leaders. Other features you will find in the Sony TX9 are features they have in their 2D cameras too. Those are photo modes which makes the Sony a flashy gadget able to help any one take the best pictures.

The Sony ‘Smile Shutter’ technology is a sneaky little mode that enables you to bypass the most frustration feelings in picture taking. The feeling you point at a smiling friend or child, you imagine you get a great shot, with a wide smile, only to see after you press the button that you just missed it by a fraction of a second only to capture a dull face with a blank look on it.

Well forget all about that! The new Sony TX9 Camera Smile Shutter technology that captures a smile the moment it happens.

Before you chose the Sony TX9 as your new 3D camera, see all the features and price options and discounts available for it.


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