Online Reviews – Two Strategies to Leverage Online business Reviews

Online Reviews – Two Strategies to Leverage Online business Reviews

The huge growth in social media and information sharing has seen a massive increase in online reviews. People have always asked friends and family what their opinions or experiences are with products and services ranging from frying pans to washing machines, and from dentists to lawyers. The only thing that has changed is that technology has allowed the conversation to go online, happen faster, and potentially include many more people.. Online reviews have become a critical aspect of business marketing, and in a matter of minutes a potential customer can research what other people think of you.

Most ecommerce websites, whether from big corporations or smaller companies offer a review feature as part of their shopping cart. Users who have bought a product or service can give feedback which helps other consumers learn about the good and bad points of a product or service contratar iptv.  before making a purchase decision. Many review websites allow users to post ratings and reviews about hotels, restaurants and lots of other services, and applications allow these to be linked through to individual websites and social media pages so the distribution can grow exponentially.

It is readily understood that consumers follow a process before purchasing and that part of this involves conducting research in some form or another, whether it is simply asking a friend, or reading consumer magazines. It is logical given that consumers will look for an independent opinion. In today’s competitive environment, most consumers expect you will add a little spin to your marketing. Everyone else does it simply to keep up with their competitors. This is partly why many potential new customers will not spend a lot of time on your company social media pages, but will instead visit the pages of friends and family to ask their opinions. They do this because they want an independent evaluation. This is a natural way for consumers to gain reassurance before giving their money away.

Many businesspeople and marketers alike feel anxious about a perceived loss of control because they cannot have power over what people say about them online. They can control customer touchpoints and all marketing collateral, and follow a well thought out marketing plan, but there is always the wildcard of independent customer reviews. There are however two key approaches to follow when accounting for online reviews as part of your marketing strategy:

1. Accept that online reviews are part of business. Get with the programme! Embrace the fact that anyone can say what they like about you. Take it as a challenge to be the best. You are probably used to telling potential customers how great your company is anyway, so now you put your money where your mouth is by letting your customers give honest feedback. This provides a great opportunity to take feedback and improve. Use it as free market research and product development rolled into one. Listen to what people are saying and use these valuable insights to improve further and deliver the best possible customer satisfaction. Leverage online channels and encourage your customers to talk about you online.

2. Accept criticism and manage it effectively. You can’t please every single person all of the time. There is always the odd customer who will never be happy. You may also have the occasional mistake where your company is at fault. Ten years ago people would not have complained online and you would have no way of knowing there was something wrong. They would have bad-mouthed you at a dinner party or the local bowling alley. Now there is transparency and you have the ability to respond online, join the conversation, and manage negative feedback. This provides a brilliant opportunity to immediately and effectively douse a potential fire and also provide customer service that may turn a disgruntled complainer into your biggest fan.

Online reviews are now an entrenched part of the business landscape touching all companies whether they are engaged in website marketing or not. As part of your marketing and communications strategy include time each week to proactively grow your positive reviews and quickly manage any negative feedback. Doing nothing is not an option. Take action and reap the rewards.

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