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Noise Canceling Wireless bluetooth Headset Review

Now that technology has made cell phones widely used than watches and purses, you can’t go a lot of anywhere without seeing someone engaged in conversation with their hand plastered to their ear. It’s become a bit of a problem since it ties up on of your hands and distracts you (while driving). That’s probably why the most popular accessory since the phone charger itself is now the “bluetooth headset”.

What is a Wireless bluetooth Headset?

Nearly all modern cell phones have “bluetooth” capatibility. Mobile phones equipped with wireless bluetooth have the ability to create a “personal area network” or SKILLET. A SKILLET is a short-range radio frequency meant to connect small devices Cast phone to Mac like cell phones, laptops, Pc’s, digital camera models, printers, video game consoles, etc. So a wireless bluetooth headset is just a small earpiece with a mic that attaches to your cell phone via this short range wireless frequency on your personal area network. Now you know why you see so many people travelling talking to themselves that look like they’re from the cast of Star Make your way because of the futuristic device attached to their head.

What makes a good Wireless bluetooth Headset?

A good wireless bluetooth headset is comfortable and made out of quality materials that will last for many years. It has as decent battery life, and hopefully the audio quality doesn’t sound like a partially driving via a canal. There are two sides to quality audio and you are the earpiece. What you hear while talking on the phone through the wireless bluetooth headset is in part determined by the standard of that speaker in the earpiece itself. A very poor sub-$20 earpiece you bought in a bargain store or flea market is likely to have very tinny audio due to the speaker quality. Without some decent largemouth bass and mid-range response you might have problems listening for any extended period of time. The largest factor of quality however lies in the mic. It’s rubbish in — rubbish out they say, and you’ll only hear quality audio in the event that’s what the mic sees. The same for the person you’ve called, the audio they receive on their end is only as good as what your mic sees. Often, that quality is affected by your physical location. If you are in a car with an open window, in a subway station, or at a restaurant — the mic is likely to pick-up much more than your voice. On the other hand, whether it’s a nice inviting day at a quiet park or if you’re inside on your lounge the headset will likely have much better audio.

What is Noise Cancelling Technology?

Noise Cancelling Technology is where a headset attempts to distinguish regarding the voice and background noise. It then stands between the two to the best of it’s ability, canceling out the noise and transferring along only your voice to make the audio quality cleaner. Of course this works together with varying degrees of success from poor to stellar. Once again the standard of the noise canceling wireless bluetooth headset (and price paid) are likely pretty good indicators of the audio quality produced. Noise cancelling in wireless bluetooth headsets is also called “Digital Signal Processing” or DSP. Headsets with better noise canceling usually have more than one mic (two or more) to be able to separate the noise better.

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