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EdenPure Heaters Consumer Report

EdenPure heaters were created with your family’s safety, health and energy consumption in mind. By using an EdenPure room heater not only will you see and feel the benefits of healthy air quality in your environment but you will also see a drastic reduction in your energy use and save on your heating bills without worrying about safety issues normally associated with heating units.


Many other portable or room heaters have been the cause of residential fires due to the way the unit heats up as it heats the room. Other units you cannot touch without the risk of being burned and you must be very careful not to have flammable material near the heater. The system of the EdenPure heater is equipped with a superior quartz infrared structure that allows the unit to heat the room without the unit reaching dangerous temperatures that can be the cause of a fire in your environment. Safety tests have shown that the outside wood heaters of the EdenPure heater only gets to about 95 degree to 98 degrees Fahrenheit, which is still safe around pets and children.

Healthier Air Quality

The technology used inside of the Eden Pure heating system aides in the health of your environment. The Eden Pure heater does not have the side effects as other heating units including space heaters and conventional heat sources that use fuel such as wood, corn, propane, fuel oil and coal which add unhealthy toxins into the environment as well as reduce humidity and oxygen that cause heath issues. The Eden Pure heater heats your environment while aiding in the health of your environment by keeping your air quality higher without toxins or dryness.

Heating and Energy

Most other portable heating units heat the living space extremely unevenly without any heat control. Without a means to control the heat unnecessary energy is being wasted heating areas that is not needed which also includes much of the heat rising directly from the unit to the ceiling, wasting both energy and much wanted heat. The Eden Pure heater is designed differently by incorporating a three setting heating element to the pure Eden heater in order to enhance heating a room both evenly wall to wall as well as heating zoned areas. The zone settings on pure Eden heaters, allow for much energy and money savings in your surroundings since the EdenPure is not heating unnecessary areas of your environment.

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