Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinders are used for the purpose of grinding coffee beans. Coffee lovers are usually not satisfied with getting coffee powder from the shops, because of the gap between the time of purchase and the time of usage. Because of the time gap, they feel the powder loses its freshness and aroma. Coffee grinders are the perfect solution to the coffee lovers. These grinders make it possible for everyone to mixer grinder brew fresh coffee. With the help of these grinders, coffee lovers are able to grind coffee beans into coffee powder. They can brew fresh coffee as and when required.

Coffee grinders have become a common kitchen appliance found in most of houses all over the world. They are items of electrical equipment. Their installation and usage are very easy, just like any other mixer grinder.

Coffee grinders can be categorized into three types. The differentiation is made on the basis of types of blades used for grinding. The types of blades are electric blades, conical blades, and burr blades. The texture of the coffee brewed varies according to the type of blade used. The usage of electrical blades does not result in fine coffee powder; rather, the beans become granulated. The speed range of these types is high and they range from 20,000 to 30,000 rpm. When burr blades are used, the powder produced is not so refined. The speed range of these types is from 10,000 to 20,000 rpm. In conical burr grinders, the powder is finely ground and the speed range is usually less than 500rpm. One important factor that has to be considered here is that the speed with which the grinders operate affects the quality of the powder. The powder produced using slow speed is the best, because the powder does not get heated in the process of grinding. So, conical burr is usually chosen widely. But when cost is considered, burr grinders seem to be the best suited ones.

They are available in various models sizes shapes and price ranges, but factors like speed, safety, the cleaning process for the machine, and durability have to be taken into consideration before making a purchase. There are coffee grinders coming from both ends of the horizon ranging from $20 to $1400.

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